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Learn from industry experts in the Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Business, PR, Networking and Instagram space and beyond and kickstart your journey.

Deepak V.Maddila | Vijay Kumar Nayak | Abishiekh Jain | Umer Qureshi | Sandeep Balaji

Want to Kickstart your journey

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Want to learn about Personal Branding, and Positioning on LinkedIn?

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Want to learn about Instagram Stories Strategies, Content Carousels, Social Media Profile Optimization?

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Want to learn about effective networking, affiliate marketing space, and best advice for youngsters?

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Want to learn about affiliate marketing, community building strategies, and affiliate marketing paid and free plan tools?

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Want to learn the main elements of running an international business, and many early stage strategies?

Well, I heard you. 

Before podcasting, I had no idea how to find a proper network of like-minded, supportive, and ambitious people who were doing amazing things in their respective industries.

We all want to learn new skills to succeed in our professional and personal life.

Building a solid skillset beyond the formal textbook driven education is an excellent use of time.

Learn valuable, and amazing insights from industry experts spanning different industries, and countries on the Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Business, PR and much more

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Special Guests Feature

Deepak V. Maddila

Founder DVM Media |  Publicity, PR and Personal Branding Expert

Deepak is the Founder of DVM Media a PR Firm that focuses on publicity for brands and entrepreneurs in the U.S that does over 7 figures in revenue. Deepak is not just an accomplished PR and Publicity specialist but has spoken on Tedx Stage, been featured in Forbes Magazine for the Growth Hacking Book, Inc magazine named him an expert in marketing, and in 2018 he was named one of the 30 Gamechangers in India.

Apart from the PR, and Publicity space, Deepak loves talking to people, physics, and marketing.

You can catch the Importance of LinkedIn, Personal Branding, and Publicity Ft. Deepak V Maddila on:

Episode           1 

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Connect with Deepak on:

Facebook: Deepak V. Maddila

Twitter: deepaklive24

Instagram: @deepakvmaddila


Vijay Kumar Nayak

Helping Business Generate leads using Facebook and Google Ads| Online Brand Building Strategist | PPC Expert | Leads Generation

Vijay aims to help 1,000 individuals with building their personal brand online. 

You can catch the Importance of Bio, Insta Story Strategies, etc Ft. Vijay Kumar Nayak

Episode           2


Connect with Vijay on:

Instagram: @vijay.kumar.nayak


Abisheikh Jain

Hackers Den Founder | 2x Ted Speaker | Serial Entrepreneur

Abishiekh is a 20 year old college dropout who has graced the TedX stage 2 times, and is a serial entrepreneur.


Abishiekh has been featured on The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur amongst others. He is the founder of Hackers Den- a tech blog that simplifies technology in English, amongst other ventures in the blogging and career space respectively.


Abishiekh has shared some amazing and powerful tips, and insights about effective networking, and the affiliate marketing space, along with his best advice for youngsters.

You can catch How to Network Effectively, and Affiliate Marketing Space Ft. Abisheikh Jain on:

Episode           3

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Connect with Abisheikh on:


WhatsApp :+91 9790703821


Instagram: @abishiekhjain

Umer Qureshi

Founder of | Affiliate Marketer | Entrepreneur

Umer  is a 16-year-old Affiliate Marketer, Founder of a website that helps new bloggers navigate the blogging space and Entrepreneur who achieved results in 1.6 years. Umer runs a Facebook Group Guide Blogging - Blogging, SEO, Affiliate Marketing and Digital Marketing with over 23,000+ members

You can catch How to earn $500 per month from Telegram ft Umer Qureshi on: 

Episode           4


Connect with Umer on:

Instagram: @akaumerqureshi

Facebook: umer qureshi


Sandeep Balaji

CEO @ IncrementumX | Creative Entrepreneur | Growth Consultant

Sandeep is a serial entrepreneur and executive with experience in Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Media, Consumer Electronics and Engineering. Sandeep has shared some amazing insights about running an international business, early-stage strategies, and best advice for entrepreneurs, etc.

Episode           5


You can catch How to run an International Business Ft. Sandeep Balaji on:

Connect with Sandeep on:


Special Guest, and Listeners Testimonials

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