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100% Free Digital and Inbound Marketing Resource 

Start the day with free digital and inbound marketing

Our Mission

To provide a 100% free resource to nonprofits, small businesses, aspiring digital marketing enthusiasts in Singapore and beyond to learn how to approach creating a digital,inbound and content marketing/sales strategy. 

Our Services


Learn about business theory, digital and inbound marketing/sales. Each topic will be an interactive blog post with free worksheets so you can implement the content of lectures in practice. 

Blog and Resources

Scroll through my blog for digital marketing tips and a list of resources curated about various aspects of digital marketing, social media marketing etc.

Give To Our Supporters


Arzoo Arts Collective is a small but motivated company based in Singapore, specializing in coasters and other products that depict Singapore and London scenes. 100% of proceeds from the sale of home decor products will be donated equally to Husti Initiative and other education charities in Singapore

Our Team


Roohi is a freshman at American University, DC. She is certified in Digital Marketing through Google Digital Garage, Inbound and Content Marketing through Hubspot Academy. Using the skills and content learned from these various certificates and attending in person digital marketing class at RISIAR Step In Hub, Pune. Roohi has implemented growth hacking strategies, business presence through classified ads and famous apps to ArzooArtsCollective LLP. She is hoping to implement more of what she has learnt to improve ArzooArtsCollective LLP further. Her mission with this website is simple help others get to speed quickly on digital, inbound and content marketing and provide free worksheets to implement the theory into practice.

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