To start off I would like to delve into why I decided to create a 100% free resource and certification in digital and inbound marketing for everyone. My thinking behind this was now that I have spent my summer vacation learning new skills in digital marketing, how to implement a strategy , inbound marketing and sales to expand on these skills by firstly brushing up on them through sharing whatever little knowledge I have gained in the above topics with anyone who is willing to learn a new skill something you can't learn racking your brain over a textbook and help others succeed in their own business endavours and digital marketing strategies. Personally as someone who never really enjoyed abstract subjects in school like Maths and APCS. I am forever indebted to anyone who has helped me in any capacity learn these abstract subjects in school whether it be family, teachers and friends.


So for me, creating this resource was in a sense my way of saying thanks for those who have helped me learn these abstract subjects and provide others with what little knowledge that I have in digital and inbound marketing sphere. Learning Digital Marketing was a welcome break from the abstract and somewhat hard to follow lessons taught in school.  I want to provide a resource for others that is not as abstract and hard as subjects I had to learn at school but rather is easy to follow, flexible- people can learn at their own pace. It does not matter whether you are a slow learner or fast learner everyone has an equal chance to learn and expand on their knowledge. This resource is by no means perfect so if you have any suggestions about how it can be improved in terms of digital marketing content ideas, new digital marketing trends that I have not had a chance to cover please do shoot me an email at 6thimbles@gmail.com


Roohi Kazi

Founder, Instructor


Roohi is a freshman at American University, DC. However, over the summer vacation between the end of high school and university she decided to enroll in a digital marketing crash course with her twin brother and mother to learn more about what is digital marketing?, strategies of how to implement into their own family run business ArzooArtsCollective LLP. 


 She is certified in Digital Marketing through Google Digital Garage, Inbound and Content Marketing through Hubspot Academy. Using the skills and content learned from these various certificates and attending in person digital marketing class at RISIAR Step In Hub, Pune. Roohi has implemented growth hacking strategies, business presence through classified ads and famous apps to ArzooArtsCollective LLP. She is hoping to implement more of what she has learnt to improve ArzooArtsCollective LLP further. Her mission with this website is simple help others get to speed quickly on digital, inbound and content marketing and provide free worksheets to implement the theory into practice.

Roohi is just about to start University. 


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