List of Topics

Start with a digital marketing topic of your interest

Digital Presence

Learn how to create a digital presence leveraging a variety of accessible platforms

Digital Platforms

Learn how to do SEO On and Off Page Optimization and famous sites and apps your business should join.

Digital Marketing Introduction 

Learn why digital marketing is important, key differences between digital and convetional marketing


1) Google Search Optimization Overview

2) SEO On page optimization

3) SEO Off page optimization

4) Email Marketing

5) Content Marketing

Blogging Overview

Learn different aspects of an effective blog post using the inbound methodology theory

 1, Content for Blog Posts

2, Framing of Blog Post

Actionable Steps 

Learn some actionable steps of how to implement a digital and inbound marketing strategy to your own business 

 1. Digital Marketing Actionable Steps

2. Blog Actionable Steps

3. Social Media and Influencer Marketing Actionable Steps

4. Email Marketing Actionable Steps

5. SEO On/Off Page optimization Actionable Steps

Digital Marketing Worksheet Resources

RDMT Topics Resources Folder with work in progress resources, and worksheets on digital inbound marketing topics :

Within this overarching folder for Digital Marketing most important folders/worksheets are as follows:

1) Digital Presence: 

2) Digital Platforms:

3) Blogging Overview:

4) Actionable Steps: Digital Marketing:


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